Our Face to Face Services- Catered to Your Home

One less stress – getting to us. So we come to you. 

Face to Face Services

With the many and multiple activities students have each afternoon, it can become stressful to add tutoring to the mix. To make this easier, our tutors come to your home for sessions. Ensuring Covid-19 safety measures, our tutors travel to your home for sessions 

Home Sessions

Ensuring Covid-19 safety measures, our tutors are able to visit your home for sessions. This alleviates the stress and need to travel for another activity. 

What we recommend for home sessions: 

– A quiet area for concentration 

– The space well ventilated for health reasons 

– A comfortable sitting area with a clear desk and room enough for our tutor to sit with materials 

-WiFi if possible but not essential 

-Your child’s school resources for our tutors to consider for their sessions 

Library Sessions

Some students may find their home environment a little chaotic or not the best for studying. We totally appreciate that and for that reason, our tutors can also conduct sessions at your local library. 

How do we arrange: 

– We have the tutor and student meet at the front of the library so as to find a quiet spot for the session 

– Some libraries have sections specifically for studying and tutoring sessions 

-Given that we are in the library for sessions, there are endless use of resources and additional materials 


Online Sessions

We also offer our sessions via online platforms. Sometimes students prefer this type of delivery as it suits their learning needs and makes tutoring easily accessible. 

What we cover: 

– Sessions run like usual with covering content 

– We use various online tools to make sure that the material is being delivered in live time in a way that is interactive for students 

– We may send worksheets to the student prior to the session