Frequently Asked Questions

Looking for Tutoring in Sydney? These answers to our Frequently Asked Questions might help!


Does your team have both Primary School Tutors and High school Tutors? 

Yes, we absolutely do! We have tutors that specialise in each area so get in touch to learn more. 


Can we have tutoring sessions at my home or library? 

Yes the choice is yours, let us know your preference and we will do our best to arrange in a location that suits you around the Inner West and Surrounds of Sydney


What experience do your private tutors have? 

All of our Sydney tutors have a working understanding of the syllabus and its requirements – for both High School and Primary SChool. They are currently tutoring a number of students from a variety of different schools which contributes to their extensive experience. They understand particular learning needs and are able to tailor them to each student as needed. 


Do you give homework? 

Each student has specific learning goals so homework is set to meet those objectives. If you have a particular requirement for homework, we will chat with you to ensure that we come to an arrangement that is suitable. 


What do you cover in the private tutoring sessions? 

As we offer personalised sessions, we cover content that is suitable for each student. Most commonly we cover areas and topics that the student is struggling with, look at content to push the student ahead and go through assessment tasks. 


Do you offer group sessions? 

At this stage, we don’t offer group sessions however stay tuned! 


What are your costs? 

Our sessions are based on an hourly rate depending on the year that the student is in. The hourly fee also includes the tutor’s travel to your home, preparation for the session, assistance outside the session such as help via email and also includes the tutor’s time completing feedback at the end of each session. 


How do you track progress? 

After each session our the tutor completes a Student Feedback Form. The feedback outlines what was covered during the session, what improvements have been noted and what is planned for the following session. This is then emailed to parents so that an open dialogue is established and progress is tracked. 


Do you have lock in contracts? 

Absolutely not – we work of a weekly schedule meaning that you are only invoiced for the sessions that go ahead.