We spend 13 years at school to leave, and go where? What do we want to do? How do we do it? How do we get there?

Lots of options to consider but in this post we are going to look at the option of university – and what happens when that option doesn’t quite work as you anticipated.

For some of us, uni is the pathway after school. Studying an area of expertise and then entering the profession to make a contribution both to personal growth and to the wider industry.

But what happens when we don’t get the ATAR we need for our dream degree?

Well luckily you aren’t the first person nor the last to experience this dilemma so here are some alternate paths to consider…

  1. A similar degree: Is there a similar degree with a lower ATAR that you could enroll in as a foot in the door? Then you are at uni starting your studies and after a year of building up your average mark you can then transfer. That way the year hasn’t ‘gone to waste’ as you can credit your subjects over and get a taste of the degree before committing.

  1. Different Uni: Most degrees are offered at different uni meaning that the required ATAR is different. For example, a business degree at UTS is ordinarily 85 and a business degree at UWS is 65. Similar to the above choice, you can then transfer after the first year and have the benefit of expericing two unis.

  1. TAFE: If starting at uni seems a little daunting or you’re not 100% keen, how about trying a TAFE course. They are generally shorter and cheaper meaning that you still complete a qualification and get to experience the academic side. In some cases TAFE subjects can also be credited towards uni subjects.

  1. Work in the field: Perhaps you’re not exactly sure if you want to embark on the academic side of things straight away (which is totally fine). So how about working as a junior in the field? Try perhaps an administration role or part time involvement so that you can see the profession in action before knowing that its somewhere you want to be.

We hope these help as some guidance and wish you on your way!