Hello everyone and welcome to 2024! So glad to have you here.

The discursive writing text type was introduced some time ago, specifically embedded within the syllabus and updated English format for 11 and 12.  Since its introduction, discursive writing has found its way into junior years so that students have an opportunity to practice the writing style and receive some feedback before needing to complete the text type during senior years.

If you check out some of our previous posts, you will find that we have defined the text type and broken down the elements that are needed and best to avoid. Feel free to check out the post for a bit of a refresher before checking out the ideas below.

Remembering that a discursive is not a ‘for and against’ piece, but rather a piece that explores various points of view about a topic. So here are some of recommended ideas that you can consider making your own:

  1. The experience of growing up. This is a good one because you can’t fall into the trap of convincing or persuading someone to grow up or not – its inevitable. Rather what you can explore is the complex emotions that arise during this process, the positive elements and perhaps some of the more challenging aspects. Make your piece personal and unique. Can you reflect on something that has particularly happened to you that you could write about? If no look a little wider, could you borrow an experience from your parents or grandparents. You will be rewarded for your originality and creative voice.
  2. Consider a point of interest for you personally. Has there recently been a change to the rules in a particular sporting code resulting in a multitude of perspectives? Or perhaps you have an interest in the beauty industry, and you are passing comments on changing values and what insight that provides about the human experience over time. Try to draw on something that exists within your ambit as this will help with the details.
  3. News, current events and popular culture. If done right, these can serve as a really great launching point. Has there been a recent story in the news which touches on a prevalent idea of popular culture that you can mold into something unique in exploring different points of view? Avoid recounting the story as such but rather focus on a particular element of the story or event and then widen the scope so that you are touching on an element of the human condition that everyone can draw a connection.

We hope that the above is useful and helps you develop your ideas. Feel free to email us if you would like to run any ideas by us so that we can help refine your pieces.