Our Private Tutoring sessions cater to the individual needs of each student.

Our Face to Face Services include home visits to conduct personalised sessions at a suitable time.

What do our Private In-Home Tutors Offer?

Our High School and Primary School tutors understand the need for a personalised approach which means that each session is catered to the individual needs of each student. We follow class work and syllabus requirements and then identify the areas which the student needs specific assistance and support.

We pride ourselves on knowing that our students are supported holistically by our tutors meaning that our tutors also take the time to develop a relationship with our students and help them with their stress and concerns. We offer guidance, mentoring and coaching with study habits, exam techniques and overall organisation.

Our tutors travel to your home prepared and equipped for the session. Read on for our full list of Tutoring Services in Sydney.


We offer the following services

Maths Tutoring | Year 2-6

-Revising school content

-Working on areas of concern

-Extending current learning

English Tutoring | Year 2-6

-Revising reading skills



We offer the following services:

Maths Tutoring | Year 7-10

-Revising content and extending learning

English Tutoring | Year 7-10

-Help with skills and assessments


We offer the following services:

General Mathematics, Mathematics (2 Unit) & Extension 1 Mathematics | Year 11 & 12

Standard and Advanced English | Year 11 and 12

Biology | Year 11 and 12

Business Studies | Year 11 and 12

Legal Studies| Year 11 and 12

Studies of Religion | Year 11 and 12

Understanding of course content, assessment preparation and exam skills and techniques


We offer the following services:

NAPLAN Preparation | Year 3, 5, 7 & 9

-Revising past papers

-Best exam techniques

Opportunity Classes Preparation | Year 4

-Reviewing past papers

-Skills to best answer questions

Selective High School | Year 5

-Understanding the required content

-Providing assistance with best practice


We offer the following services:


-Start from the beginning and we will teach you all there is to know

AMEB Exams

-Covering both the Classical and Leisure, we can prepare you for exams

For Fun

-Helping you learn your favourite pieces!

“Parents create the environments and experiences in which learning happens, which makes them the first teachers their children will ever have”

-Dr. Rebecca Palacios