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Have you just finished writing an essay and need some feedback? The team at Tutoring4All are here to help! Overcoming difficulties of time submit your essay to us online, and we will have it back to you so you can return to your studies.

Features of the Gold Package include:

  • Extensive comments throughout the essay
  • Marking up where necessary throughout essay of sentences changes/grammar/punctuation
  • Final comment at the end of the essay
  • Returned within 12-24 hours.
  • Offered for all Preliminary and HSC subjects


Perhaps you’ve been working on refining your skills and only need to make sure that you are on the right track. Another pair of eyes over your essay will give you that extra push in the right direction and make sure the next result is a Band 6!

Features of the Silver Package include:

  • Limited comments throughout the essay
  • Final comment at the end of the essay
  • Returned within 12-24 hours.
  • Offered across all Preliminary and HSC subjects


When studying, time is of the essence and you need an essay read ASAP -perhaps its the night before its due or something urgent has just come up and you aren’t 100% confident with your work.

Features of the Bronze Package include:

  • Extensive final comment at the end of the essay
  • Returned within 6-12 hours (can be returned at shorter notice depending on time of submission)
  • Offered across all Preliminary and HSC subjects


Access to a Library of notes, study guides and a bunch of other helpful stuff...


You’ve just been given your first question to answer. Where do you begin? What is the structure? How does it all work? 

With the help of our planning table, it allows you to organise all your ideas in a visual format. See what your ideas flow from one another and understand what you are missing.


Together with our essay planning table, we also have a robust set of notes to help explain each step. The additional feature of this table is that it can be used across all subjects as it provides guidance and can be flexible.


Our study timetable is designed especially for students who need a little guidance and direction. It ensures that the right amount of time is spent on each subject and helps keep you on track. Email us for this FREE Study Timetable


Creative writing – the tasks that stumps us all. We read our favourite novels and think to ourselves, how can we ever write like this?! Well look no further, we have put together a whole list of Creative Writing ideas & pointers with tips and tricks to get you in the right direction. From writing your opening line, to including the stimulus to those little finishing touches, we have you covered. 

Essay Planning TableHSC STUDY NOTES

Finding time to write all your notes can sometimes be the most time consuming task…then you need to find even more time to study them and practice using them with past questions to make sure that they have everything you need.

Maybe if you had a little head start, it might just be that extra help you are after.

Check out the list of HSC & Preliminary notes we have available to help you out:

  • Preliminary Standard and Advanced English | HSC Standard and Advanced English
  • Preliminary Studies of Religion I and II | HSC Studies of Religion I and II
  • Preliminary Legal Studies | HSC Legal Studies
  • Preliminary Business Studies | HSC Business Studies
  • Preliminary PDHPE | HSC PDHPE
  • Preliminary Drama | HSC Drama

For specific topics or modules, send us an email and we will send you the specific set of notes that you are after.

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