Cancellation Policy

The policy is one of mutual respect between tutors and students.

We value the tutor’s time in preparing and travelling to sessions, so the fees are to account for their investment made ahead of sessions.

Equally we understand that from time-to-time emergencies arise and the policy will be applied as reasonable in the circumstances.

Where possible, arrangements will be made to reschedule the session for that week.

  • If less than 6 hours’ notice is given for a session to be cancelled (for example if notice is received at midday for a lesson at 4pm) then a fee amounting to 50% of the session’s cost will be charged. Tutors will then be paid 50% of their rate.


  • If tutors arrive at the house and no one is home (for example, notice wasn’t given to cancel the session) then 75% of the lesson’s cost will be charged. Tutors will then be paid 75% of their rate.


So that the cancellation policy works both ways, there is also responsibility on the side of the tutors.

  • If a tutor cancels with less than 6 hours’ notice before the lesson, a 5% discount will be applied to the cost of the lesson and the tutor will receive 5% less of their usual hourly rate for the next time they tutor that particular student.