To all our students, parents and friends, 

This blog slightly diverts from our usual approach but given the circumstances we find ourselves in, we wanted to make sure that we reached out to our community and let them know how we can help during these challenges. 

We are working with the view that one day soon, this will all pass and we can return to our regular Australian lifestyle filled with education, learning and enjoying social time. When that day arrives we want to make sure that our students are prepared and well equipped. 

We are also conscious of the long term impacts and needs of our students so we want to reassure students and parents that we are here now and will continue to be in the long run for as much or as little support as needed. 

Below are a few of the initiatives we have available during this time that we would love for you to take advantage of!  

Online Sessions and Support With Home-Schooling

We want to provide as much support as possible to our students during this time. This might be supporting students complete home-schooling learning materials they have been assigned, working through assessment tasks, explaining challenging concepts or even work ahead where a student needs that extra boost. 

We are delivering these sessions online to maintain the guidelines provided by the government relating to social distancing. There are loads of tools available such as Skype, Zoom, Google Meets, Microsoft Whiteboard and Microsoft Teams. 

Each platform is useful as we are able to see and speak to our students just like regular sessions. We can share screens to demonstrate what the other is looking at and for Math sessions, the whiteboard function is also useful to illustrate how a problem is solved. We have even been conducting music lessons online to make sure that our student’s don’t lose momentum after the hard work and effort they have put in to date! 

For writing subjects (for example English, Religion, History), there are many platforms that allow for shared documents meaning that we can work on them in live time, leave comments and edit collaboratively. This is a great tool that we use for our high school students to look over their work and edit before they submit for marking. 

Where there is a will there’s a way. Whatever your learning goals are, we are here to help. 

Additional Materials 

Our tutors are also able to supplement the home learning resources provided by the student’s school. We can provide additional materials and worksheets for students, deliver guidance for the best activities to complete in addition to reviewing, mark and edit work so that students are able to receive feedback on their progress. 

We understand these are challenging times but want to provide assurance that our services are operating to their fullest capacity.  

We are here for you 

If there is something you are after that we haven’t listed above, we would love to hear from you and learn how we can help. 

Like many other small businesses, we rely on the continuing support of our community and friends to see us through this difficult time. So if you are purchasing online materials and subscriptions, consider directing your next purchase towards personalised, invidivisualise tutoring sessions for your child. 

Our best wishes in health! 

The Tutoring4All Team 


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