With Trial exams for 2023 only a weeks weeks, away, each of our students have started preparing for their English exams – the first exam to kick off the period!  

One of the sections with the most unknown variables will be Module C – students won’t know what text type it will need to be, what the stimulus will be, how the marks will be allocated and if a reflection is needed..  

So, with all these variables at play, what is the best way to prepare?  

Some would say that because there is so much to prepare that there is no point in doing anything. Whilst this is certainly an approach, its not one that we would recommend.  

Instead, here three handy hints that we have which you may want to use as you prepare… 

  1. Brainstorm an idea that you will be able to use and adapt for your imaginative piece and then idea that could be used either as a discursive or persuasive text. That way you come into the exam knowing roughly what direction you need to go in once you see the stimulus. Remember that you only have limited amounts of time for each section and if you spend too much time coming up with a base idea in the exam, you won’t get everything completed in time. 
  2. Have a clear idea of the techniques that you are going to use from your prescribed text in your piece and how intend on integrating them in your response. You might have a great idea but unless you show how your piece has been influenced by your study of the prescribed texts, then you have untimely disregarded one of the key elements of this module. Try and have specific techniques for each of the text types so that when its comes time for your reflection, you have solid examples to use. 
  3. Be aware of the marks allocated and time allowances for each part so that you can make sure that you make the most of your opportunity to gain marks. To practice this, you should try and do as many past papers as possible with different mark allocations and stimuli so that you can pace yourself ahead of the exam.  

These are just a few to get you started but if you have any questions, you’d like to run past us feel free to drop a line.  

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