The holidays are a time that all students look forward to – especially summer holidays. A time to rest, catch up with friends and family but to also enjoy the festivities. 

We hope that students get to enjoy this time as they prepare for the year ahead.  

We do have some students and families that come to us asking what are some small activities that can be done over the school holidays to keep up momentum and flow ready for the New Year so here are our top suggestions:  

1.Get comfortable and enjoy reading a few passages from a great novel, specialty interest magazine or a biography written by someone who you resonate. Reading is a single task that has a multitude of benefits including  

  • Helping with spelling and grammar;
  • Exercising your imagination; 
  • Showing you ways to write next time – whether that be a creative or analytical piece; and 
  • Help you ignite new ideas as you appreciate different points of view.  


2. Keep a journal describing what you have done through the holidays, how you felt at different times and why you felt that way. What interactions did you have? This will help you engage with points you are trying to make and written communication.   

3. When you are at the shops and there is a discount or sale on, try and work out the discount before taking it to the counter. Then when the bill is printed, you can check if you are correct. That way your Maths skills are still getting a workout and are being used in a practical way. 

 4. Lean into your hobbies. Do you like to paint, draw or play an instrument?  It will help you mind practice engaging with a topic and activity. Then the next time you are sitting an assessment your mind is trained to focus for a set time and produce what is expected of you.  

We hope these little tips and tricks are helpful – let us know what you think!