Your reflection piece for this module is unique in the sense that it is not a piece of writing that you usually engage with or have much prior experience. If you’ve visited our blogs before, you would have read about the top tips that we have shared and the structure to follow when writing your piece.  

Once you’ve had a chance to read through that, have a go at writing your own reflection to a sample piece of writing you have done as part of your study and preparations for exams.  

After you have written it, guide yourself through some self-marking using the following prompts:  

  1. Do I recount too much of my piece without any specific intention or relevance back to the question? Don’t confuse a reflection with a recount.  
  2. Is there a clear structure? Do I have paragraphs? If not, how could I better arrange my piece to create a steady flow that is easy to follow?
  3. Have I properly engaged with the question and addressed how I have specifically achieved what is required of me? Make sure that it doesn’t read as a pre-prepared response with a generic approach.
  4. Does my analysis of my creative decisions address the reason for its use (that is, the technique/structure)? Do I explain how it helps me to achieve my intended purpose?  
  5. Are there enough examples to properly and comprehensively showcase my piece? Is there an opportunity for me to add something else to help boost my position?  

Try then to edit your piece or even practice writing another piece with the above pointers in mind. Then read over it again and reflect on how you’ve improved! If you get struck or not sure what is needed to improve your piece, feel free to get in touch with us and we can share some pointers.  

 We hope this helps 😊