The marks are in and its uncharted territory – there are major works due, end of year activities that need to be planned and somewhere in the near distance are HSC exams.   

You’ve just finished trials exams but know there is some more work to do. Where do you start and how do you navigate to make the most of the time ahead of final exams?  

Whilst there isn’t a lot of time, there is enough to re-group to understand what areas still require improvement so we suggest some of the following:  

  1. Take some time to go through each of your papers and consider the comments left. Does your evidence need to be improved? Or is the evidence okay but the connections to the question need to be better developed? How about the overall structure of your response – considering how you went under timed conditions did it hold up or are there some faults that can be remedied?  
  2. Re-write your response taking the feedback into consideration. Acknowledge the areas that let you down so that you can avoid repeating them. Was your thesis a repetition of the question rather than an answer? Did each of your topic sentences and evidences follow on in strong support?
  3. Was there a better way that you could manage your time? Were there perhaps sections you could have written about more and others less? Did you appreciate how many marks were given for each section?  
  4. Make a clear plan of how you intend to spend the new few weeks leading up to HSC. Between end of year celebrations and finishing school there isn’t as much time as you’d expect! So carefully consider what needs to be done, set out a to do list and work through each task one by one till you get to the end.  

Looking for some extra guidance and help? Feel free to send through your question and we will do our best to help.   

Happy studying!