You’ve seen our workshops on offer but you’re not sure if they are right for you. It looks like a long day and the last thing that you want to be doing on your holidays.  

But then you remember the results from your last assessment where you thought you would do better than you expected. You really want to improve but it’s not super clear to you what you need to change to get a better result next time.  

And that’s exactly where our workshops fit it – that little insider knowledge with guidance, tips and pointers on how to tackle your next assessment, prepare your notes and most importantly, set up a little guide to help you self-navigate through your work.  

The workshops are open to all students (whether they are currently being tutored or not) so everyone is more than welcome and encouraged to bring a friend to join in collaborative learning!  

One of the key benefits of joining us is that the materials shared with you are accessible via a shared drive. This means that you have ongoing access to them which will be most useful when you are preparing for your next assessment.  

The workshops are collaborative and are absolutely not lecture style at all, so you won’t zone out or wish that you were someplace else. You have opportunities to ask questions, collaborate with your peers and really take out as much as you put in.  

Run by our head tutor Cinzia Favotto, she is completely available to you to read over any work you have completed and share some insight she has developed after 10 years of working with students. You can also chat with her after the session with any follow up questions or some advice that you might be after.  

If you aren’t yet convinced and still have some reservations, we invite you to come and join us a make a decision for yourself.  

Hope to see you there!