Year 11 preliminary exams are over. You’ve had your practice run and are now ready to start Year 12 completing your internal assessments that will eventually contribute to 50% of your internal HSC mark.  

So to make sure that you absolutely smash your first assessment and start from the best possible position, here are three of our top recommendations:  

1. Reflect on the exams and assessments you completed in Year 11. Where did you go well? Was there a common thread of comments left on your paper? One that we usually come across is the need for more detail to be provided or further expansion on the ideas you are exploring. Sometimes you also have to re-consider the breadth of your argument – see if you can refine it to simplify the boundary of your response to make it easier to communicate your point.

2. Is time management an issue for you? Did you find that you didn’t plan out your time well to manage lots of competing assessments letting them get the better of you. What about during the assessment itself, were you on top of all of the different sections so that you were able to complete them? Have a little think about the way you treated your time and if there is an opportunity for you to improve next time.

 3. Do you consider the marking criteria when you are preparing for an exam? If not, now is the time to start because it set out in a few points exactly what the markers are looking for. When you are putting together a scaffold for your response or you’ve got a daft prepared, take a look over the marking criteria to check that you have addressed all points.

We hope that the above is useful and we wish you the best of luck in your next assessment.  

Like always, feel free to drop us a line if you want to chat further about any of the ways to improve!